The Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani blamed the surging threat of the Taliban takeover of the country on the withdrawal of the troops of the United States of America.

President Ashraf Ghani stated that the final withdrawal of US troops from the plundering country has caused Taliban forces to intensify their plans of taking over the country once again.

The Afghan president stated that since the last troop of the US army left the base, the country has been facing an “unexpected situation”. He further claimed that even though a foolproof security plan was formulated while the US was still on the soils of Afghanistan, it has backfired. The six-month security plan was supposed to transmit control to the democratic government of the country while having peace talks with the Taliban representatives.

The US troops’ withdrawal started in May of 2021 as per the deadline given by former President Donald Trump. Considering the deadline contract, the last troops were supposed to leave Afghanistan by September 11 of 2021 but the situation deteriorated rigorously making US President Biden opt for a difficult option of withdrawing his last troops earlier than expected due to the “concerning advancement” from the Taliban.

Current situation of Afghanistan

Current situation of Afghanistan:

As per the reports, the Taliban have started to encircle the key cities of the democratic government to overtake them. At the moment, clashes are being reported from Lashkar Gah, Herat, and Kandahar between the Taliban and the Afghan forces in order to get hold of the country.

The fight between the two forces has intensified in the last few days and the Taliban have started to attack civilians as well to increase their terror in the region. Their terror reign post-American invasion in Afghanistan is still a horrific reminder for the Afghani nationals and if this surge in Taliban activity is not curtailed, they might be tracking down in the past.

According to unauthorized reports, the fundamentalist Islamist party Taliban which is often referred to as a militia organization has captured almost half of Afghanistan, including key areas of the border connecting with Pakistan and Iran.

The areas which come under the afghan reign have started to feel uneasiness and unrest due to the resurgence of the Taliban. Since US troops left the country, thousands of Afghani civilians have lost their lives or got injured in the crossfire between the Taliban and the Afghan forces. Taliban arrival is imminent now, the residence of the country is preparing themselves for the new era of Afghanistan under the Taliban.