Authorities found 5 deceased adults, along with 1 surviving adult and a four-month-old baby in a Colorado apartment on Sunday, with “illicit narcotics” found at the scene. Police suspect possible overdose to be the cause of death.

“While they thought that most of them were unconscious, one of the parties was awake and was transported by medical. Unfortunately, the other five people inside the apartment were deceased,” said Clint Nichols, Chief of Commerce City Police, confirming one individual and the infant was transported to a hospital, while others were found dead. The police was responding to an unconscious party emergency call at 3:45 p.m. North Range Crossings Colorado Apartments.

“There does not appear to be any blunt trauma or any violent incident of any nature,” confirmed Chief Nichols. After police and authorities arrived, a hazardous gas test was carried out by the fire department, to ensure a leak wasn’t behind the deaths.

He also confirmed the Colorado apartment involved is to be “cleanly swept,” before the search warrant allows police to start their investigation into the matter. Among the dead bodies, three were identified as women and two as men. Nichols said, “There was some substance inside. We don’t know exactly what anything is as of yet. Again, there were some substances that could be described as illicit narcotics, but again, for me to speculate on that would be improper. I just don’t know.”

The surviving adult is “lucid” and talking to authorities regarding the scene and what occurred. About the baby and its parents, Nichols confirmed, “I hope the parents were not in there, but I’ve been doing this long enough… it would probably be safe to suggest the parents probably were inside and so for the infant, that’s going to be a long time without parents.” The identity of the individuals has not been released yet, but it was confirmed some of them lived in the apartment they were found in. If there was drug use involved that led to the deaths in the Colorado apartment, it was very bad because none of the individuals were able to call 911 for a medical emergency, said Nichols.