The Biden Administration finally gave in to the heavy criticism by the critics and media outlets on the surging number of migrants and the facility centers bursting with the migrants amid the coronavirus situation.

A reporter along with the camera crew visited the Donna Holding Facility Center. Some members of Congress also went with them.

The reporter made astonishing revelations about the living conditions inside the facility center.

More than 4100 minors and families are living in the Donna facility right now. The maximum capacity of the center was 250 during the pandemic and 1000 before the pandemic; which is being violated.

There are eight plastic pods in the center; each comprises 500 to 600 migrants. According to the law, only 32 migrants should be inside each pod.

The migrant children are given three-inch mats to sleep and lie down and metallic foil blankets to cover themselves. All the kids are provided masks but many of them do not sport them.

The younger lot of the kids are kept in a play-pen area which has almost 27 children aging 3 to 9 years old. The youngest child in the facility center is mere 4 months old.

The secretary of homeland security, Alejandro Mayorkas released an official statement saying that the government is working and coordinating with HHS to deal with the migrant surgency. He was still reluctant to call it a crisis. He further stated that efforts are being carried out to release the burden from Border Patrol Stations.

As the law states, the government must shift the unaccompanied minors from Border Patrol Stations to HHS-run shelters within 72 hours but HHS is so overwhelmed with the migrants that it has refused to take new ones because of unavailability of space.

The packed conditions at the facility centers have led to increased covid-19 spread. According to Senator Ted Cruz, almost 10 percent of the migrants have tested positive for Covid-19. The reporter stated that the positive tested individuals were separated from the other migrants but they stayed inside the facility centers.

More than 500 Border Patrol Agents were working at the Donna Holding Facility. As per reports; the initial budget to run the center was $6 million each month but it is costing $16 million now.