Like other states of the US, California has also started to immunize its residents against the lethal COVID-19 pandemic, by administering them with vaccine shots at different vaccine sites. Up till now, the process has been smooth. but the number of people getting vaccinated is decreasing with each passing day, and that has alarmed the health officials. The reason being an insufficient number of vaccines available.

The supply is limited and it continues to decrease from what was provided in earlier weeks.

People must be administered two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine to complete the procedure. Both vaccine shots should be given with a gap of two weeks. This has caused chaos and confusion. Because the supply is limited, and the vaccine dose is to be provided in two batches, the situation is of great concern to the health officials.

Many people who are eligible to get vaccinated – have reported that their appointments were being canceled out because the vaccine was not available.

California’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Mark Ghaly has concluded that they need to push the federal administration to meet the demand of the vaccine shots, as this has become a challenge to administer the vaccine to all of its general population.

This has created a chaotic atmosphere because of the unavailability of the vaccines despite overwhelming demand. The hospitals and vaccine sites have received fewer doses than anticipated,  causing people to cancel their appointments.

About 7.4% of California’s population has received the first dose of the vaccine, which roughly translates to almost 63% of the doses delivered from the government have been made available to the public, a very healthy development amidst the disappointing domestic situation prevailing since the vaccine distribution process got underway.

The state is constantly working to accelerate the vaccine distribution procedure with an aim to provide the vaccine shots to every citizen of the state.