If you have not already heard about the Netflix remake of 1999 classic ‘She’s All That’s starring Addison Rae and Tanner Buchannan, you need to. The movie ‘He’s All That’ is a gender-swapped remake of the older title where a girl gives a makeover to a boy. In terms of movie watchers and critics, the newly released title has faced major backlash for a badly written script with many pretentious plot points.

This, however, did not stop the movie from getting a high viewership as it continues to rank #1 in 78 countries throughout the world. Additionally that, Addison Rae has already booked another multiple-movie project with Netflix. So it’s all looking up for the TikToker. Meanwhile, this begs a lot of questions for the film industry and where the streaming services of today are taking it.

People have unequivocally bashed the film, including the stars and crew involved throughout multiple social media platforms. While the common sentiment is still that of hostility, viewers have also accused each other of hate-watching content they actively dislike. This is a common phenomenon among the movie-watching audience now, where cringe is just too entertaining to miss out on.

Case in point, the recent news about a competition called ‘The Activist’, where different activists will be pitted against each other to promote their causes. While the news about this recent development has faced severe backlash for profiting and making activism a tool for entertainment, CBS has stood firm and released a statement to clarify their intention. Regardless, this all begs the question of whether film and TV have moved past being the function of outstanding storytelling, to means of entertainment.

Moreover, Netflix’s director of family movies mused “Addison’s Rae’s promise and charm is undeniable as evidenced by her fan base”.