A video clip released by the press encapsulates a young boy being chased by a police officer down a dark pathway, screaming at him to stop. The officer hurls abuse at the boy while he asks him to drop his weapon and “show your hands.” As soon as the boy turns and puts his arms in the air, the officer shoots with his weapon and kills a 13-year-old boy, Adam Toledo.

The video footage has elicited many protests by the residents of Chicago who demand justice for the killing of an innocent boy. Even as the Chicago mayor asks people to remain calm, she tears up while speaking of the incident where the nation has “failed Adam.Toledo is one of the youngest people killed by the authorities in years. He was a resident of Little Chicago Village, ironically the same place where he fell to his death.

The news of Adam Toledo’s death comes at a time when America is already swamped by the trial of Derek Chauvin, the alleged murderer of George Floyd and Kimberley Potter, who has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting case of Daunte Wright.

The shooting of Adam Toledo took place on the 29th of March when the police had been notified of gunshots in the early morning. As the officers reported to investigate the source of the shots, they encountered two people who were running in a dark pathway and started to chase them immediately. As cited by the prosecutors, Toledo had been holding a gun when the officer screamed at him to drop the weapon and put his hands forward.

Toledo’s family lawyer, Adeena Weis Ortiz spoke at a press conference and said that the video clip shows that the young boy was obliged to the officer’s orders. Even if he did have a weapon, he dropped it as soon as the officer asked him to and put his hands up instantaneously. All these events took place in a few seconds, which ended up being deadly for Adam Toledo.

After the shooting, the police officer on duty called for an ambulance and tried to keep Toledo awake. Other officials also arrived at the scene as they helped in trying to resuscitate the boy through CPR and other methods. However, it was too late and the gunshot proved to be fatal for him.

Although the consequences for the police officer who shot Toledo remain unknown, it is suspected that he will not be given a severe punishment as he decided to safeguard others in the community, remarked Timothy Grace, his White lawyer.  On the other hand, Lori Lightfoot, the mayor has declared that an investigation into the officer’s actions will be made and justice will be served.