Adam Lambert supports Adele’s decision to cancel the Las Vegas Residency gigs!

Lambert, who is currently appearing as a judge on Starstruck, backs up Adele for canceling the show, saying he found the singer’s ‘tearful announcement‘ on social media quite ‘heart-wrenching’.

According to Lambert, Adele made the right choice for postponing the Las Vegas Residency gigs as her fans “deserve better than an unfinished show’.

Last month, the “I Drink Wine” singer got into hot waters when she announced the cancellation of her Las Vegas gigs, citing some production issues due to Covid, just an hour before the show. However, Adam Lambert, 40, confidently supports Adele’s decision saying her fans deserve a better performance than that.

On Sunday, he told the Sun, “Adele is so honest and vulnerable, so the video was hard to watch.

“Any artist who has toured understands that sometimes certain things are out of your control.

“She accidentally got into a situation where the show just wasn’t ready.”

He added, “I feel, as I’m sure Adele does, that the fans and their experience is what the show is for.

“If the artist is not comfortable with what they are putting out on stage then that affects what the audience gets as well.

 “Especially as a solo artist, because it’s all about that person.

“It has to be right, or else it is not going to be what the audience deserves. I’m sure she is doing her best to get it back on track, and everyone will see a great show.”

While the grand venue, Caesar’s Palace’s Colosseum, is jam-packed for future concerts from Sir Rod Stewart, Keith Urban, and Sting, Adele’s fans and the team hope to bring her due show back to the stage whenever it is possible during the summer. 

“Adele’s canceled Las Vegas residency is ‘set to be rescheduled for THIS SUMMER”, Daily Mail Celebrity Tweeted.

With Sting’s last show on June 18 and Rod’s returning performance in September, there seems to be a gap for Adele’s show to occur. Currently, Adele is committed to two British Summer Time gigs at London’s Hyde Park on July 1 and 2.

Recently, a source revealed, “That is the scheduling that would make the most sense.

“Talks are ongoing at the moment, and the hope is that Adele’s rearranged dates will be agreed very soon.

“She has made it clear that next year is not an option, and everyone is keen to lock the dates in.”