A recent study published by Lancet medical journal revealed that Covid has killed approximately 18.2 million people worldwide – contradicting the last official count that cited 6 million deaths by the end of 2021.

“Covid-19 has created the biggest surge in global deaths since the flu pandemic in 1918, and one study says the actual death toll may be three times higher than official counts,” Bloomberg Tweeted.

Key Facts:

  • Around 18.2 million died due to Covid from Jan 1, 2020, to Dec 31 2021 – almost three times what had been reported in the past trends and data analysis by governments and other international agencies, including World Mortality Database, European Statistical Office and Human Mortality Database.
  • According to researchers, “the figure—known as ‘excess deaths’ or ‘excess mortality’—paints a more ‘accurate’ picture of deaths due to the pandemic than the official count suggests”, which shows a 3 times smaller figure than the actual one.
  • Excess deaths had not been added to the official count for several reasons, including lack of Covid testing, accurate reporting issues, and covering deaths that had nothing to do with Covid.
Health Metrics and Evaluation
  • The actual reports revealed that the pandemic had caused 6 deaths for every 5000 people. The figure may dramatically vary from country to country, with 15 excess deaths for every 5000 people.
  • In short, the researchers hold 7 countries responsible for almost half of all excess deaths due to Covid, including the U.S. (1.1 million), Mexico (798,000), Russia (1.1 million), Brazil (792,000), Pakistan (664,000) and Indonesia (736,000).

“Understanding the true death toll from the pandemic is vital for effective public health decision-making,” stated the lead researcher from Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Dr. Haidong Wang.

According to Dr. Wang, it is crucial yet challenging to figure out if the lack of healthcare facilities to people directly or indirectly caused the excess deaths.

“Studies from several countries including Sweden and the Netherlands suggest Covid-19 was the direct cause of most excess deaths, but we currently don’t have enough evidence for most locations,” he stated.

“Further research will help to reveal how many deaths were caused directly by Covid-19, and how many occurred as an indirect result of the pandemic.”