Actress Jossara Jinaro, who had been fighting cancer, has passed away. She was 48 years old at the time.

Jinaro Bogado, who acted in television shows such as ER and Passions, passed away on Wednesday, according to her husband Matt Bogado, who announced the news on Facebook.

“With great sorrow, I announce the passing of my wife, Jossara Jinaro on this date, April 27, 2022,” he captioned a photo.

He added, “Jossara bravely fought cancer and came home to be surrounded by family.”

American Actor Jossara Jinaro with husband Matt Bogado

“Jossara was an amazing wife, mother, artist, and friend. She had the most beautiful, kind soul and wouldn’t take no for an answer,” Bogado continued. “Even in her last moments, she was still fighting.”

He went on to remark that she is “now resting in peace and will be remembered forever.”

“Myself, Liam, and Emrys will miss her so deeply, although we know she is in our hearts and guiding us every step of the way,” he wrote.

Bogado said that further details on a public memorial for Jinaro in the Bay Area would be released at a later date.

Most recently, Jossara Jinaro appeared in “Nancy Hernandez & The Black Widows” as Dulce, which was released in theaters last year, and Marina del Rey in “10 Tricks”, which is now in post-production.