The news spread like wildfire when famous people started donating generously to get Kyle Rittenhouse out on bail. He has been accused of murdering two people and injuring the third one.

He was given a chance to bail himself out before the trial, but the amount required for his bail was hefty. His case quickly got responses from people across the United States of America.

He must have led a good life before this incident as the people started contributing for his bail. To the surprise of many, Ricky Schroder contributed a huge amount of 150,000 USD for his 2 Million USD bail.

It was the picture that caught the attention of the media. His lawyer, Linwood, posted a picture of Ricky and Kyle who played a major role in bringing his client out of jail before the trial starts.

The incident of murders occurred in a demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle claims that he only retaliated in self-defense.

The country has been flooded with protests all over and this led to unrest in many ranks.

Kyle claims that he fell into one of those demonstrations as he is reluctant to stay put if there is anything wrong. He was suspiciously been chased in that demonstration and he claims that he had to fire his gun to get out of the situation.

Kenosha is the place where all the chaos started when a police officer shot a black man. The entire city was turned upside down in terms of peace and harmony after that.

The police atrocities are somehow being praised by the people like Kyle who then justify themselves using loopholes. It is hard to judge by only reading or understanding one aspect of the case.

There are two sides of the case which will be explored in the trial. But for now, Kyle is free on bail and will appear for trial in near future.