This year has not been easy on anyone and people are receiving bad news on daily basis. David Prowse left the fans forever after fighting a short illness and cancer for a while.

Darth Vader, an iconic character in Star Wars, was the reason that Star Wars remained the king of the box office. This character was played in the original series by none other than David, and he left a mark of his greatness forever.

The reason behind the success of this franchise can be regarded as the character of Darth Vader. Whenever there is a discussion of the greatest villains ever, Darth Vader always makes it to the top ten.

David worked on multiple projects within his lifetime and every one of them was an iconic piece of art. He managed to play the part in Star Wars so well that it is difficult to forget his masterpiece.

He was a British National and before venturing into the acting career, he was a bodybuilder. He was a legend in the field of bodybuilding, and he was the person who trained Christopher Reeve for Superman.

Dave was a believer that he liked working for the Star Wars franchise as Darth Vader because people would remember DV. He was offered the role of Chewbacca as well, but he turned it down for Darth Vader and that was a smart decision.

The fans were devastated on hearing the news as he was a villain everyone admired without any second opinion. His role was so strong that the people developed an interest in the original series.

The people who have worked with him describe him as the gentleman they can never be. His humble personality was more than enough to become fond of him forever.

He was the perfect fit for the role and his broad physique was ideal for the character. The directors also liked working with him because he made working on the set fun.

His death has created a void in the industry, and this can only be filled if someone as good as him can come. He has gained so many fans not because of the characters he played, but due to his personality and good heart.