Several hours before MLB placed Trevor Bauer on administrative leave for seven days, a lieutenant with the Police Department stated that the inquiry into accusations that Bauer physically attacked a 27-year-old lady during two sexual encounters is larger than they anticipated.

He said that they were looking into some things and believed they were nearing the conclusion. He further told USA TODAY Sports on Friday that they are not near the conclusion. According to him, this investigation is much larger than they anticipated and as a result, they will need to look in a few additional locations as they want to uncover as much information as possible.

Gordon stated that the police department has got new evidence in the approximately six-week-old investigation.

She said that she will not publicize any of the information we have obtained and there are a few things they need to look into. According to Gordon, certain facts have come to light, and they wish to continue their investigation.

The lady who claims Bauer sexually abused her has applied for a restraining order. A restraining order was issued with a hearing set for July 23, and Bauer has publicly rejected the accusations via his agent.

The Woman who is the victim has said that she is extremely concerned that no arrests or charges have been made.

Four legal experts informed USA TODAY Sports that his celebrity status has likely slowed the investigation’s progress. He is the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner and signed a contract worth $102 Million for three years with the Dodgers in February.

An ex New York prosecutor, Matthew Galluzzo, has said that if he wasn’t Trevor Bauer, he would have been arrested by now.

Galluzzo, who is now a criminal defence attorney representing victims of sex crimes, argued that graphic photos of the woman claiming Bauer inflicted injuries on her constituted probable cause. The lady submitted the photographs in her application for a temporary restraining order in the Superior Court of Los Angeles.

Galluzzo said that what strikes him the most is that she had black eyes in that complaint and claims that he struck her. He added that he is not sure why the cops find this so difficult. Generally, if a lady has black eyes and claims to have been struck, she will be arrested.

He says that with such circumstances, one can’t anticipate a delay in the arrest and according to him it seems as if he is receiving preferential treatment.