Abigail Breslin shuts up trolls for calling her a loser after she lost her father from Covid-19.

The actress was brutally trolled on social media for wearing a mask.

The 25-year-old actress slammed the online troll who labeled her as a “pathetic loser” for wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Little Miss Sunshine” actress had posted a picture of herself on her Instagram handle enjoying herself on a rollercoaster ride in Las Vegas while donning a face mask.

One of the social media users posted an awfully distasteful comment on her photograph stating “who’s the pathetic loser wearing a mask?”

The actress got dually offended by the comment and slammed the troll with a post stating,

“Sorry, not sorry. Although I love ignorant comments (sarcasm obviously), I just can’t tolerate it from someone with the username “chesty1987”. She also attached a screenshot of her response to the troll. She wrote, “That pathetic loser would be me, someone, who lost their dad due to someone not wearing a mask and giving him Covid. You can kindly go f*** off now.”

She made a separate post on Instagram in which she requested her followers to report that particular online troll. She stated, “To say my dad died because he was weak is something I will not tolerate.”

The online troll named Chesty1987 didn’t hold back and commented “I’m pretty sure wearing a mask isn’t going to save anyones life lol. Clearly, I know more than her if she thinks someone who wasn’t wearing a mask killed her father when in reality he was weak.” 

Abigail’s fan replied to the online troll saying, “you don’t know her and you didn’t know him. If you want to not wear a mask and find out, be my guest. But you will NOT talk about him that way. Period. Actual human garbage. One day, when you lose someone, I hope people show you more grace than you quite frankly deserve.” The trolls just teamed up against the actress calling her a hypocrite and much more. Abigail finally posted one last post on Instagram stating that this will be her last post as she doesn’t have the energy nor the need to explain herself further while stating “We took ours off for one photo. Everyone present was vaccinated as well as being tested beforehand. I was calling someone out for telling me my father was “weak” because he passed away from Covid and said I was a “pathetic loser” for wearing my mask on a public ride with strangers. I wear my mask always around others. Except for friends I know are vaccinated and have been tested beforehand.”