The Weeknd swept the Billboard Music Awards event on Sunday, taking home 10 trophies out of 16 nominations.

The Weeknd nominated for 16 different nominations bagged10 out of them including the top 100 artists, top male artists, top hot 100 songs, and the top R&B artist category. The total count of his wins comes to 19, making him stand in the line of the top five billboard awards winners of all time along with; Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, and Drake.

Drake, who came to the event sporting the most trophies-winning artist of all time; a whopping 27 times, bagged another for top streaming song artist by the end of the awards night. He was also honored by the Billboard Music Awards; as the artist of the decade, which he received along with his son Adonis to mark a great milestone of his career.

Nick Jonas hosted the award show which was broadcasted live from the Los Angeles’ Microsoft theater. He along with the Jonas brothers closed the show with the performance of their new song “Leave before you love mea collaboration with singer Marshmello.

The Icon award was presented to Pink; as she became the 10th person to receive the prestigious honor; joining the bandwagon of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Cher. She received the award alongside her daughter. Willow Sage Hart; marking the commendable moment of her career.

Willow Sage Hart also performed a stunning aerial performance along with her mother on their duet “Cover me in the sunshine”; which was truly breathtaking, provided that she is only 9 years old. It was a beautiful mother-daughter moment that highlighted the immensely talented daughter of Pink; who is bound to do wonder. But according to Pink, her daughter has no desire whatsoever to follow in the footsteps of her mother when she is older.

Other prominent highlights of the night were BTS winning the award as well as performing on their groundbreaking second English single “Butter”. Butter broke the record last week when it crossed 50 million views on YouTube in the shortest time, i.e. in mere 6 hours of being uploaded on the video-sharing website.

The South Korean boy band won the top group trophy along with top song sales artists and top social artists.

The legendary Alicia Keys stole the show by performing on her hit song, “Kiss Me More”; as she celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut in the industry.

Gabby Barrett won the Billboard Music Awards for top country female artists along with bagging awards in two other categories, but it was her glittery golden gown that amused the media and crowd. Her dress did the talking in the press throughout the night.

The Billboard Music Awards were based on the Billboard charts from March 2020 till April 2021.