“The Hunger Games” is back with a new movie. A new film is in progress at the Lionsgate.

“The Hunger Games” is a series of films based on the novels of an American novelist Suzanne Collins.

All the novels have been developed into films and are collectively called “The Hunger Games Universe”. The film series started in 2012 and the saga continued after that.

It is the story of a dystopian community in Panem, which is a country in North America. The country has a wealthy capital while the 13 districts are in a state of poverty.

From the first 12 districts, children are selected every year to take part in death matches called “The Hunger Games”.

All the candidates fight until their last breath. The fight is a type of boxing and wrestling. The death match ends when only the last candidate is left as a result of a fight between them.

“The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” is a prequel action and adventure novel that was published on 19th May this year.

The book was launched virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. The upcoming movie is actually based on this novel.

The movie revolves around the story of 18-year-old boy, named Coriolanus Snow who grows up becoming a merciless ruler of his country, Panem. The upcoming episode of Hunger Games is being directed by Francis Lawrence who also directed the previous three ventures.

The film series is starring Jennifer Lawrence. She is the protagonist in the films playing the role of Katniss Everdeen.

The producer of the movie is Nina Jacobson and the screenwriter is Michael Arndt. The date on which the movie will be released is unveiled yet due to the coronavirus pandemic.