Utah Department of Public Safety officers discovered a tall metallic monolith as they hovered around in rural Utah’s Red Rock Country to find a bighorn sheep on 18th November. The helicopter crew is still unsure who has placed this long, silver object there.

As Utah’s agency published its pictures and videos on their website, many compare this object with the monolith shown in the 1968 movie – 2001: A Space Odyssey. When the investigation teams started investigating this huge piece, which is rooted in the ground out of nowhere, they found this pillar-like object is about 10 to 12 feet high and has three sides.

Moreover, they also confirmed that this monolith structure is deep-rooted into the ground and cannot be thrown out from space.

The Helicopter pilot, Bret Hutchings said that a biologist found it, and as he saw the object, they tried to land near it. However, it was difficult to go there as it was at the bottom of the red rock cove.

Furthermore, Utah’s Department of Public Safety is not ready to share the exact location of the Monolith due to the fear that if they do, people will endanger themselves by visiting the place. As per the helicopter crew and other officers, the area is secluded and remote. If anyone tries to go there, they might have to be rescued.

Pilot Hutchings also said that at first, they thought it was there for some scientific research or that NASA has rooted it for a space experiment or something. But later, they discovered it was none of the above but an unexplained and unexpected monolith.

Moreover, as the bureau posted the picture of the bighorn sheep with the monolith in the background on their social media platform, they got overwhelming responses from the followers.

Some said that they could see faces on the object, and some commented that maybe someone might have planted it for an indication. Whether any of it is true or not, but everyone who has watched the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey can directly link this to the existence of aliens.

Utah’s Federal Bureau of Land Management stated that whoever has installed this object has violated the law. For now, they are investigating this unexplained object and are determining what they must do with it.