Luke Letlow was fighting the coronavirus when he lost his life to a heart attack leaving everyone devastated. He breathed his last in the middle of the operation to treat the complications of coronavirus.

If you have certain diseases, then your immune system may have been potentially weakened.

Reports from Monroe, Louisiana, where Letlow was going through an intensive operation highlighted that the operation was related to the complications caused by the coronavirus and not heart disease.

The hospital chancellor has confirmed these reports as they provide information on this event. It is devastating for the people to know about the death of Letlow as he died of an unexpected reason.

It came in as a surprise for the doctors to see a person with no symptoms of a heart attack die like this. He was perfectly fine before he started developing symptoms for the COVID-19.

No medical history indicates that Letlow had a heart-related disease. The sudden death of Letlow was an unexpected development of events and there is little that anyone can do about it.

He had just participated in a runoff election and fortunately, won by 62% majority vote. He was looking forward to another milestone in his life by representing the people whom he had served all his life.

It is a difficult time for the family to cope up with the fact that they have lost a loved one. Letlow has left his wife and two children behind him.

The family has been going through a lot ever since they heard of the news about Letlow losing his life like that. The spokesperson Andrew Bautsch is giving out the statements on the family’s behalf.

A proper statement from the wife of the deceased is to be released later. The people have sent in their prayers for Letlow and their support to the family members in this tough time.