Many Google users are dealing with several issues, mostly regarding Gmail. There have been many complaints by Google users regarding uploading on Google drive, YouTube, and Gmail.

The official Google app page updated a status that they’ve been receiving complaints and reports of users who have been dealing with issues of Gmail and Google drive. According to an immediate report, hundreds and thousands of complaints have been encountered over different social media websites.

According to some users, if they want to add attachments to the email, the uploading process is really slow. The attachment does not get uploaded followed by an error message. This same problem is being faced by many users.

Following the already existing complaints, some more reports were also noticed. Further problems were faced in Google Meet, Google Voice, and Google Docs. Google authorities kept the users updated by their investigation regarding the service issues.

Many users also complained that they are not able to upload content on YouTube. This issue was later confirmed by YouTube as well. After almost an hour, Google came up with an official status that this issue has been resolved for some of the users and the remaining users will also be able to upload in a short while.

The official website of Google came up with a public apology. The team apologized for the inconvenience caused due to straggling services. They made sure the issues will be resolved in a short time.

The users of Google services appreciated the fact that their complaints were noticed and were resolved quickly. Google support system has always been corporative towards its users and they take immediate necessary actions.