If someone to give you a synopsis of the US elections using only two words, then utter chaos would embody it perfectly. America is in absolute turmoil and no one is surprised, as the nation is divided in this election.

The elections had been expected to be accompanied by upheaval from the start. As vote counting is underway, Americans are struggling to keep their nerves under control.

Late Wednesday – Trump appeared in the White House and falsely declared his victory. That’s not all; he then proceeded to threaten that he would go to the Supreme Court to have the remaining ballot-counting suspended.

Consequently, Manhattan has been stormed by a mob of Biden supporters. Nearly a hundred individuals took to the streets of New York in anti-Trump protests demanding for all votes to be counted.

A video of a 24-year-old protestor from the ‘non-violent’ march has been making rounds on Twitter. Devina Singh – currently under custody – was seen shouting carelessly at a police officer and went as far as to spit in an officer’s face.

Thereafter the young woman was knocked down by the officers and arrested at the scene. She has since then been charged with both harassments as well as obstruction of governmental administration.

Contrary to what was assumed, the girl in the video hurling slurs belonged from Pennsylvania and not New York.

It was also later discovered by the police that Singh had a track record of arrests for unlawful assembly and resistance to arrest. Both of which took place in the last two months during protests in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

However, Devina was just one among the 60 people arrested at the march. This was for reasons such as weapon possession, setting fires, and assaulting the police force.

The NYPD made a public statement saying that such acts would not go unrecognized by the police, and those involved would be dealt with accordingly.

The police department stated that mistreatment towards the police would not be tolerated. They urged people in power to condemn the abuse.

After her arrest, Singh deactivated all her social media profiles that she had in the past frequently used to badmouth the NYPD.