Dominican Republic – 9 people were killed on Wednesday after a private aircraft crashed on a runway outside Santo Domingo.

“Nine people were killed after a private aircraft crashed while making an emergency landing at Las Americas Airport in the Dominican Republic’s capital Santo Domingo, according to the plane’s operator, Helidosa Aviation Group”, CNN Tweeted.

Among the 9 unfortunate people who died in the plane crash was music producer Flow La Movie whose official name is José Angel Hernandez. As per the reports arrived from the Helidosa Aviation Group, the organization that owns the aircraft, the producer was traveling with his son, Jayden Hernandez, and partner Debbie Von Marie Jimenez Garcia.

Before crashing, the aircraft lowered down on the Las Américas International Airport runway in Santo Domingo on Wednesday.

“This accident causes us great pain and grief. We ask that you prudently join in solidarity to support the families affected, who along with us are going through this difficult time,” the Aviation Group said in a statement.

“This accident gives us great pain and sadness,” said the aviation company.

Fellow musicians pay condolences to the deceased producer. “José Ángel, thanks for your good vibes always. Rest in peace.” wrote J Balvin.

The aircraft took off for Florida from La Isabela Airport. However, the pilot had to declare an emergency state and divert the plane to a 45 km far from Amérias airport, reported the Dominican newspaper.

The precise cause of the incident that led to the crash and killed 9 people is yet to identify.

Right after the crash, the emergency crew ran towards the aircraft to put out the fire meanwhile, the videos and images of black smoke emerging from the area of the incident spread all over the internet.

Following the tragic incident, the airport canceled all the next scheduled flights. Among the deceased were two minors of age 13 and 4. The aircraft also carried Hernandez’s 2 colleagues, Víctor Emilio Herrera and Luis Alberto Eljuri and 5 relatives, Debbie Von Marie Jimenez Garcia, Hayden Hernandez, Jesiel Yabdiel Silva, Keilyan Hernandez and Yeilianys Jeishlimar Melendez Jimenez. Their medical condition is yet to be known.