Dr. Daniel R. Lucey, a researcher who has done work in the field of infectious diseases at Georgetown University, has traveled through the world to research epidemics and outbreaks. Now his focus of research is on the pandemic of Covid-19, which first grabs the public’s attention in Wuhan, China.

Amongst the 8 concerns, Dr. Lucey’s first three concerns were majorly concentrated on Wuhan’s wet market, a large market that traded fresh fish and meat before being closed down. Initially, it was known as the place where it all started and the epidemic broke out.

When an analysis by Chinese scientists revealed that nearly a third of the earliest hospitalized victims of coronavirus had never entered any store in Wuhan, the theory was soon put into the question of virus initiating from Wuhan. Dr. Lucey cited the director of China’s Center for Disease Control in the article released in May as marking Wuhan out as the place of origin for the disease outbreak. Chinese health officials said that the marketplace is just another survivor of the virus.

A comprehensive article in The South China Morning Post, released in Hong Kong, reported that the early coronavirus case in a human in Hubei province was reported on Nov. 17, which answers Dr. Lucey’s fifth issue. The size of the area seems to be of the state of Washington, though the capital of the province is Wuhan. Dr. Lucey posted on a blog about the study in March, which explained the dramatic spread of the disease in Hubei, based on evidence that the study claimed that the virus originated from the state.

Now, Dr. Lucey advises WHO investigators to evaluate where one of these initial cases in Hubei has been identified, if they have taken place, and if any other “confirmed or suspected” people infected might have come forward.

The sixth and seventh questions are about why the lethal pathogen transferred to humans from the lab. While the possibility has been considered by some intelligence officers and researchers, no clear information has come to light showing that the coronavirus originated from the laboratories in Wuhan.

In the end, he advises the World Health Organization researchers to watch for some indicators of science “gaining function,” the intentional modification of pathogens to turn them into more harmful pathogens.

The methodology is particularly controversial. Critics doubt its merits and caution that it may contribute to devastating laboratory leaks. It is seen by advocates as a valid way to understand how viruses as well as other viral infections will adapt to infect and destroy humans, thus helping to create new defenses and safeguards.