According to Philadelphia police, a gun attack took place at a transportation center. Eight people, most of them black, have been shot and are feared dead.

One suspect was arrested in connection with the tragic incident and two weapons have been recovered, but the motive of the attack is still unclear.

A man was shot several times in the stomach, and another was shot from behind. The injured were taken to a hospital where many could not succumb to fatal wounds.

There has been an unprecedented increase in gun attacks in the US. Approximately, 62 people have been killed this year alone.

As the new epidemic spreads, gun violence in Philadelphia continues to rise, and many people link it with the epidemic and growing domestic violence.

According to police, many people have chosen to stay home which has increased the chance of dispute with neighbors. They are taking measures to counsel the instigators of domestic violence.

The details of the suspects are unknown; however, guns have been recovered from the crime scene.

Three more people have been arrested for investigation, but still, there is no breakthrough that why these many people have been murdered.

The Philadelphia government has announced Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities but to no avail.

The state government wants to take a strategic approach to reducing unemployment by creating more jobs and which can reduce the frustration and agitation in the community.

Although the violence is prevailing in the state, Jim Kenney, the Mayor of Philadelphia has not declared a gun violence emergency as yet.

In the wake of recent events, the police are working to track the real culprits with the help of CCTV footage and surveillance system, and are expecting a breakthrough in the investigation soon.