Are you done with following diets to lose weight? Well, you will be surprised by these unusual ways to lose weight, which we will mention in this article. You will find top weight loss habits practiced around the world. Use these methods to keep your weight in control, and live a healthy life.

Thai People fight weight gain by eating spicy foods

You must include peppers in your food because hot peppers fasten your metabolism and spiciness allows you to eat slowly. Studies suggest eating food slowly can help reduce weight quickly.

Polish tells you to eat homemade food more

Save money and lose weight simultaneously. Follow the Polish rule. According to Melodie Yong, a dietitian, people who eat out make unhealthy choices, which eventually lead to weight gain. If you start eating at home, not only you will have healthy food to eat, but you can also control your weight.

Netherland natives’ rides bike to stay fit

In the Netherlands, 27% of people use a bike to commute. Cycling is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight. Why waste money on static cycling machines, when you can use a bicycle to commute. Not only will it help to lose weight, but it is environmental-friendly as well.

Indians follow a Yoga routine to stay healthy

Yoga is an all-around exercise routine. Not only it helps to keep your mental health intact, but it also helps you lose some pounds. Moreover, a recent study suggests that yoga helps to lose more BMI than any other exercise.

Eat big meals during the day like Mexicans

In Mexico, people consume a major portion of the food during breakfast than at any other time. Moreover, eating a good, healthy lunch, and consuming less food at night, will help you shed some pounds easily. Eating less in the evening results in making you hungrier in the morning. Therefore, you’ll need a bigger portion of breakfast, which will facilitate weight loss.

Take naps like Japanese

Sleeping disorders result in weight gain. To avoid this, the Japanese take a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes of power nap every day. This not only freshens up the individual but also reduces sleep deprivation that leads to weight gain.

Rooibos Tea helps South Africans to lose weight

You must’ve consumed green tea for weight loss, but South Africans use Rooibos tea. Moreover, the Rooibos tea is much sweeter than green tea, and it also helps in reducing pounds more effectively and rapidly than usual green tea.