You might not find it in your nearest grocery store, but did you know, there are about 7,500 different kinds of apples! Hence, the question, what apples to use for apple pie arises. Therefore, choosing the right mix for your pie is a struggle for every pie lover. Each apple has its distinct flavor and texture. So, how will you decide amongst all those apples? Well, we are here to guide you and help you produce the best pie.

The decisions, though, inevitably come down to individual preference. Red Delicious is the only apple that has not been recommended by the finest bakers as it produces a mushy, flavorless dessert. Some of the recommended ones are:

1.Golden Delicious

The most convenient kind of apple found in every grocery store, the Golden Delicious adds exquisite taste to your pie. It has a soft texture without being mushy creating the perfect pie.

2. Esopus Spitzenberg

The scent of this inherited variety is brilliant enough for a healthy snack, or to be processed into cider. Take it in the autumn season at the farmers ‘markets and use it to fill up your pie with the most flavorful filling. It is considered America’s most favorite apple.

3. Bramley’s Seedling

Unlike the British, Americans still have a long way to understand that hard apples are only going to tear away your pie as soon as the fork hits. According to the British, a pie needs something to keep it intact and for almost 200 years, they have used Bramley’s Seedling as glue.

Rather distinct from a red juicy image of an apple, the big green apples resembling grapefruits liquefy into thick texture and when added together with a more solid apple, fulfills every pie bakers’ dreams.

4. Gravenstein

This kind of apple is either a big yes or a big no for people. Some people argue that it becomes mushy while it’s the berry-apple scent is the reason why people keep coming back to it.

5. Belle de Boskoop

Belle de Boskoop is one of a kind of apple, originating in the Netherlands. It has a rather rusty texture with a dull red color. This apple serves a twin purpose for culinary usages as well as for making delicious pies. Belle de Boskoop retains its form as it is baked in comparison to the English Bramley cooking fruit.

6. Northern Spy

This ancient apple has been here since the 1800s and many of the modern bakers are big fans of its taste and texture.

7. Winesap

The range of apples from heirloom is hard but smoother than a Smith. If you want a less sweet filling, this is a perfect addition.