With all the restrictions in place for the coronavirus, more than half a million people traveled on Christmas Day in the US. Although this is a huge number, it is nothing as compared to the years before it, when the number was over a million.

Transportation Security Administration has reported that over 600,000 people flew across the US from different locations. This is a record given the current situation as the restrictions around the Christmas day was tightened because of rising coronavirus cases.

The people were advised to limit their travel on Christmas day because of the pandemic situation which is getting worse. The US Centers for Disease Control and prevention specifically asked people to remain at homes to contain the virus.

It is feared that the coronavirus is going through mutations and it can reach the borders of America because of constant travel. This is the reason that the coronavirus restrictions are implemented on a larger scale to avoid a new spread.

There is an exponential increase in the coronavirus cases in America and efforts are being made to flatten this curve. Dr. Anthony who is the director of NIAID spent the Christmas holidays away from her daughters for the first time in 30 years.

If the officials from such prestigious institutions are avoiding their family members on Christmas, people should follow them. It is not wise of the people to travel under such strong restrictions regarding the coronavirus situation.

At the same time, there is another aspect of this picture and that is of the airlines who are struggling to keep their employees. Many Americans have lost their jobs due to coronavirus lockdowns, which affected a lot of small businesses and corporations.

The government has released a bill earlier and is contemplating another aid bill to support the pandemic hit the nation, but this can only help businesses to a certain extent.

A new coronavirus relief bill is in progress which is going to support the airline industry. Around $15 billion will be granted under the Payroll Support Program for the rehiring of airline industry employees.

All this is done on the government level to keep the people employed and businesses running. The government has to make peace with the fact that traveling is one way to save the industry.