A masked gunman opened fire in a renowned Russian university, killing at least 6 people and critically injuring more than 24 people.

According to the Russian authorities, a masked shooter entered the prestigious Perm State University and opened fire. It resulted in a counter gunfight which wounded the suspect also.

The authorities stated that the suspect has been identified as a student of the same university.

Russia’s Investigative Committee, which is authorized to handle serious and grave crimes, has been assigned to investigate this shooting massacre at the Russian university.

The Russian Ministry of Health stated that almost 19 people were hospitalized and were given medical care.

The Russian media posted videos of the alleged suspect, all decked up in black while carrying a firearm openly in the premises of the university, as he entered the main campus.

Videos went viral on different social media platforms in which numerous students were seen jumping out of their classrooms, windows – panicking and trying to escape the shooting espionage.

According to a Russian social network VKontakte, a lengthy post was shared by the alleged suspect in which he had hinted about carrying out a plan of mass killing at the said Russian University.

The Governor of Perm, Dmitry Makhonin had earlier posted that the suspect was dead during the counter fight but it was not confirmed by the police. As per the police reports, the alleged masked suspect is injured and detained in police custody.

The mass shooting in the Russian University might be the start of a new era of shooting episodes, which are rare in Russia unlike in the United States of America where a campus shootout keeps on merging now and then.

This mass shooting episode is being termed as one of the deadliest in the recent history of the country. The last mass shooting incident took place in 2018, when a student had killed as many as 20 people and wounded 70 before killing himself in the Kerch Polytechnic College in Crimea, Russia.

6 killed in a mass shooting incident in a Russian University:

As many as 6 people lost their lives in a mass shooting in a Russian University while several people were critically injured including the suspect.