Herbal remedies are very popular and a growing number of people are using herbs to cure anxiety.

Drugs are not suitable for everyone. However, more people are using herbs to cure anxiety and the results are better than using antidepressants.

So, which herbs make it to your top list when considering, what herbs are good for anxiety!

Stress, one of the greatest illnesses of our time, is a concern of many. Fortunately, today there are various methods to overcome, or at least control stress or anxiety: yoga, relaxations, brief therapies, etc.

For example, black tea exerts good effects on stress regulation. Just like abdominal breathing which relaxes the muscles while bringing serenity to the body.

Thanks to its soothing virtues, hawthorn regulates the heart rate while reducing palpitations, nervousness, irritability, or even excessive emotionality.

Lavender and lavender essential oils are also recommended by experts as a cure for anxiety. It acts as a sedative on the nervous system while treating sleep disorders.

Ginseng is the ideal ally against stress and the immune system. It gives you energy and effectively fights against anxieties and insomnia as well.

Lemon balm relieves nervous disorders such as insomnia and restlessness. Lemon balm essential oil is also effective in relieving tension.

There is no doubt that herbs are effective against anxiety but you must use it carefully as all herbs are not useful for everyone.