Ever since the pandemic started, it has taken many precious lives. People old or young, have faced adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and today, Monday, November 1st, it reached a death toll of 5 million, worldwide.

This is the highest number only yet, but it is still a huge number to come to terms with, for healthcare professionals who have been on the frontlines ever since it started, for world leaders, for businesses, etc. In recent weeks alone, the death toll of Covid has been surpassing 7k each day, which is as chilling as it can get.

Another grave problem is that the majority of the share out of the 5 million people dead is just from 6 countries. Out of which, the U.S. has the highest with 745,836 people lost, more than any other region or country. Even though the U.S. is one of the few countries that streamlined and implemented Covid vaccine shots, the lack of proper lockdown restrictions and inconsistent laws as well as policies continue to endanger many lives, even today.

Adding to this is the dwindling nature of laws surrounding vaccine mandates and other covid related restrictions such as mask-mandates or vaccine passports that are divided throughout the country, based on the political majority in the city or state.

Following the U.S. on its heels is Brazil with 607,824 deaths by Covid. India follows soon after with 458,437 Covid deaths, from the worldwide stats. Despite having a much lower population than India(1.38 billion), both the U.S. and Brazil have higher cases as well as deaths due to Coronavirus.

After the top three, Mexico, Russia, and Peru all have more than 200k Covid deaths having 288,365, 234,194, and 200,246 respectively. Concerning the proportion of the population, Peru has the highest number of deaths recorded in the world with 616 casualties per every 100k people, while Mexico has the highest case fatality ratio of 7.6%.

This is a highly severe and jarring milestone to reach regarding the ongoing pandemic, as politicians and world leaders scramble to balance more than just the current and long-lasting effects of Covid-19(including climate crisis, economic crisis) all at once.