PS4 games have always been popular in the gaming community, launched in 2013. To date, there have been many new games launched in the PS4 game library, belonging to different genres. PS4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles with an average sale prediction of 102 million all across the world.

The following list of best ps4 games of all time is based on the average ratio of popularity and sales all across the world.

Little Nightmares

It is considered to be one of the scariest games on PS4. According to game insights, the places in your house like a common room, kitchen, and even your bedroom is not safe from the scary spell of this game. The house that is the major part of the game is haunted by some adult who is constantly running behind you. Even if you run at your full speed with possible dodges, the adult creature will still catch you. Escaping from the place is next to impossible.

Monster Hunter World

This is an interesting game with different types of species involved. Some of them are there to assist in terms of new weapons and safety shields. There are different monsters that you have to fight from using your collected tools and weapons. You can track the monsters through their fingerprints and kill them before they attack you. There is also a field guide that provides the geographical location of the monsters.


Inside is indeed the most interesting and adventurous game with distinctive environments. There is a young boy who will be under your control and you’ll have to control him from the hardships through different running strategies. While running towards a safe spot, you’ll pass many eye-catching and amazing locations. There will also be environmental puzzles to solve that will be based on the environmental scenarios that you’ve been seeing previously while running. This game is said to have the best graphic and animation illustrations.


Bloodborne is a multiplayer game. According to the game, players’ tools will be given three bells for summoning. One will be for invasion into others’ spaces, one for assistance, and the third one to ask for help. You can invade your opponent’s world and can ruin the area with skills and achieved. You can use guns as your protection tool and counter-attacks against the opponents.

Batman: Arkham Knight

This is known to be a classic Batman game. The game has different AR challenges, many investigation mysteries, and many hidden factors to locate. This game became quite popular and is known for its massively complicated yet interesting quests.


This game is based on the theme of mystery. The game involves mystery quests in areas like an office building with complicated and abstract situations revolved by different conspiracies. This game involves a deep study of complex human behavior attached to different characters.