Federal Appeal Court ordered that Texas abortion ban law remains in place, this Thursday, after rejecting all the pleas and efforts made by the Biden administration to reverse the novel Texas law. The law restricts the abortion of the fetus if the heartbeat is detected, which can be as soon as six weeks into the pregnancy. And, according to the law, no exceptions were made for the cases of incest or rape.

After the decision women of Texas rushed to the neighboring places to get an abortion before the 6 weeks timeframe. Many had to wait for long hours and even until midnight due to the abortion clinics being crowded.

The Biden administration made attempts to lift the ban, however, the new decision by the US 5th Circuit Court that Texas abortion ban law, also known as Senate Bill 8 to remain in place.

A three-judge panel of the US Federal Appeal Court granted Texas a 2-1 decision to hold the law in place on  Sept 1. However, shortly after a temporary injunction was issued 113 pages.

After the preliminary injunction was issued, many abortions clinic in Texas resumed procedures for abortion regardless of the cardiac activity of the fetus. However, now the Texan women would have to travel to the state where abortion after fetus’s heartbeat is legal as the new decision has now banned having an abortion in Texas once after the heartbeat is detected, once again.