Thanksgiving is all about the traditions and this year is no different in the Pentagon. The American troops who are miles away from their homes will get the usual treatment like every year.

Every year the Pentagon decides to send their best wishes to their troops with roasted turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year as always, the soldiers who are fighting on a foreign land will enjoy the same essence.

This year around, Thanksgiving is not the same even in America because of the COVID-19. But the Pentagon and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) somehow managed to celebrate this day.

The holiday is mentally devastating for the soldiers as they are on a foreign land fighting for their country. This day needs to be memorable for them like always and the Pentagon makes sure of that.

Commemorating this day is not a month or two months’ preparation, but it takes even longer to plan this day. This year, the planning was started back in March, and then the country was hit by the pandemic.

 Turkey flown Across Borders for American Soldiers on ThanksgivingDLA is responsible for making the food items available for the troops in the foreign land one or two months before. This makes the celebratory event more joyful as the troops can enjoy it on the exact date.

The Pentagon believes that including the soldiers in this national holiday means a lot to the soldiers. This boosts their morale, and they are more enthusiastic about going back into the field.

The spirits are already being lowered by the pandemic this year, but these celebrations lighten the mood. It becomes a fond memory that the soldiers will cherish for the years to come.

They are already living a hard life abroad and they are mentally challenged every day in the field. The battlefields on the foreign lands are not necessarily easy on everyone.

These small gestures by the higher command in the Pentagon mean that the soldiers are being celebrated as well. They are serving the higher cause and being remembered on this holiday means a lot to them.