On Sunday, The US Government declared that half of the entire adult population in the U.S has received one dose of the covid vaccine. This marks another phenomenal achievement in President Joe Biden’s vaccination campaign as they move towards a safer future for the people of America.

As confirmed by the statistics from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 50.4% of the entire adult population has been vaccinated whereas 32.5% of the whole population has received the covid vaccine. Despite the stellar vaccination rates, the U.S still lags behind a few countries including Chile, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, which vaccinate at the speed of 62 doses per 100 people.

Even with the current vaccination rate, the U.S is on the road to a much safer zone for its people. The vaccination campaign is a source of newfound hope in Nashville, which was overflowing with people who wanted to get a shot of the covid vaccine. Amanda Grimsley, who has received both doses of the vaccine spoke about her grandmother who has been skeptical about taking the shot after she suffered bad side effects post a flu shot.

Although vaccination rates are high in most parts of the U.S, there are still a few regions like Tennessee, which have not seen similar demand for the covid vaccine. Statistics reveal that Tennessee lies in the bottom row for yielding a low rate (40.8%)  of people getting their first shot. It is followed by the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana; all Southern areas that were in favor of Donald Trump being reelected.

There is no confirmed link between vaccination rates and voting preferences. However, polling from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has given valuable insight that proves a connection between political preferences and willingness to take the covid vaccine. Despite the hesitancy witnessed by a few states, the overall inclination to get vaccinated has increased significantly.

To further increase the number of people willing to take the covid vaccine, community icons can be set ranging from athletes to superstars, suggested Dr. Anthony Fauci. He stated that “whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, an independent or whomever you are”, you must feel at peace while listening to them.

Fauci also announced that the hiatus of Johnson and Johnson’s covid vaccine will soon come to an end as the government plans on bringing it back with a set of warnings and restrictions that have emerged after the six blood clot cases.