What would you do if you were in a financial pinch and your next paycheck was too far? You need to have a backup for such a situation, especially when you live paycheck to paycheck.

Earlier, we didn’t have many options to get instant loans, banks used to be our only hope and some even failed to get them as well due to strict credit scores requirements etc.

Fortunately, today there are abundant $50 loan instant app options that can help you financially then and there until your next paycheck. Such apps have made it possible to get a few dollars until your next paycheck without trapping you in any hidden charges. You must be thinking about how these apps work, well it is no rocket science. In a few steps, they enable you to borrow a part of your paycheck to clear your dues.

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Since several apps provide loan services, it can be overwhelming to find the best one that fulfills your needs. Not all the apps you will find are reliable and get you to the cash fast. Therefore, we have curated this list of the 15 best $50 loan instant app to save you from the hassle.

15 Best $50 Loan Instant Apps in 2023

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Below is the list of all the instant loan apps that will not just assist you in getting instant payouts but will also help you manage your finances with their budgeting tools. So without any further delay, let’s jump into it.

1Brigit – Borrow and Build Credit

App Highlights

  • Gives loans up to $250
  • No interest or credit check
  • Quick access
  • Easy signup
  • No hidden charges
  • Balance alerts
  • Protects your identity

If you are someone who often needs financial assistance before the next paycheck, you are missing out on a big thing. Brigit app is made to save such people from financial troubles. Via this tool, you can easily manage your due payments to make ends meet. And guess what the best part is? You can take loans up to $250. That’s a pretty good amount for an instant loan app.

Apart from that, the help provides you with smart tools which can help you save money and spend wisely so that you won’t get into trouble until your next paycheck. You can avail all of that without any hidden charges. Don’t you think it’s time to give them a try and join their 2 Million plus user base?

2Dave – Mobile Banking App

App Highlights

  • Gives loans up to $200
  • Pays 2 days earlier
  • No hidden charges
  • Smart budgeting tools
  • No interest
  • No late fees penalties

Dave comes among the best $50 loan instant app that provides you quick help with the money, even though it lends you up to $200. The best part is there are no hidden charges that you may encounter in other instant loan apps. This is the reason why it has a massive 10 million user base. It is considered one of the most trusted mobile banking apps in the US.

Coming back to the point. Dave will get you the loan before your next paycheck and transfer it directly to your account to save you from overdraft fees that your bank might charge you. They don’t charge you any minimum balance fees nor ATM fees. You will be surprised to hear that the Dave app has saved its customers nearly $200 Million in overdraft charges.

Sign up on the app and improve your financial health today. You will witness for yourselves why we have listed it in the list of the best instant loan apps.

3Empower – Instant Cash Advance

App Highlights

  • Gets loans up to $250
  • Gives you cash 2 days earlier than your paycheck
  • Gives up to 10% cashback
  • Free ATM withdrawals
  • Fast service
  • Monitors your spending
  • Saves automatically

The app lives up to its name. It literally empowers individuals to take control of their spending. Via this app, you can receive cash advances as high as $250. They don’t charge any interest or late payment fees.

Moreover, if you sign up for their Empower Card, you will receive 10% cashback on your debit purchases at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Additionally, you will be given access to their 37,000 ATMs nationwide.

Overall, Empower is a great solution for instant financial assistance up to $200. No interest or other hidden fees will be charged on your loan. Once you get your next paycheck, the app will deduct the loan amount from it to balance your account.

4Chime – Mobile Banking Platform

App Highlights

  • Overdraft up to $200
  • No hidden charges
  • Gives loan 2 days earlier
  • Uses credit builder
  • No cash transfer fee
  • Saves money
  • Tracks payments

For several outstanding features, Chime made it to our list of the best $50 loan instant app. It is a banking platform via which you can track your balances, savings, and daily transactions anytime and anywhere.

That being said, Chime mobile banking app works a bit differently than the previously mentioned apps. It starts with a $20 loan and advances up to $200 with time as you improve your Chime account history. It lends you load before your next paychecks so that you can pay off all your dues. Overall, it is a trusted platform with 12 Million app users worldwide.

5Earnin – Get Cash Before Payday

App Highlights

  • Gets loan up to $500
  • Instant bank deposits
  • Prevents overdraft
  • Allows you to track recurring payments
  • Online customer support 24/7

Earnin is actually the app that lets you access your cash whenever you want. However, it is now primarily used for its outstanding free-of-cost loan lending feature. And yes, there are no hidden charges if you think they earn through them.

The app lets you get advances up to $500 each paycheck. All you need to do is connect your current bank account with the app for direct deposits and you are good to go. Note one thing, you can only use this instant loan app if you are a salaried, wage or on-demand worker. Remote workers, freelancers, and those with multiple jobs won’t find it helpful.

Earnin partners with top-notch banks in the US, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America,

Navy Federal Bank Union, TD Bank, PNC, and many more. Make any day your payday with the Earnin instant loan app.

6PayActiv – Get paid as you earn

App Highlights

  • The loan amount depends on your salary
  • Quick access to your funds
  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost loan app
  • Smart tools to keep you aligned with your goals
  • No hidden charges
  • Safe and convenient

If you are looking for an all-rounder solution with financial assistance, look no further than PayActiv. The app allows you to access your next salary beforehand to back you in your worst financial pinch. You just have to apply for a loan in the app and the funds will be deposited into your account for instant use.

To use this app, your employer also needs to sign up for the services to make you eligible to receive your salary in advance. You can withdraw cash up to $500 from your salary in advance.

There are no hidden fees or overdraft charges. You can apply for a debit card to use the services for free by depositing cash directly to your card. Otherwise, the app charges a $1 service fee. See, with this app, you don’t have to borrow from your friends or anyone before your next paycheck.

7MoneyLion – Financing App

App Highlights

  • Lends loans up to $250
  • Offers credit-builder loans
  • Requires no credit check
  • Charges low-interest rate
  • Crypto investment option
  • Faster access to funds

With around 7.5 million app downloads, the MoneyLion financing app saves its spot as one of the most used and efficient loan apps in the US. It perfectly manages your chaotic financial life by enabling you to meet your dues.

Apart from cash advances, MoneyLion’s popular features include auto-saving, smart investment options, and easy budgeting tools to manage your finances. The app can get you to cash advances up to $250 prior to payday. Within 48 hours, the funds get transferred to your account to use.

8SeedFi – Borrow and Grow

App Highlights

  • Gives loans up to $4000
  • Transfer funds within 1 to 2 business days
  • Reports loan payments to 3 prime credit bureaus
  • Quickly lens money to those with bad credit scores
  • No origination fee
  • Builds credit

The SeedFi app is specifically designed for those who need emergency cash in the form of small loans. Under its Borrow and Grow plan, you can apply for personal and credit builder loans depending on your choice. What’s the catch with this app? The app enables people with low credit scores to get quick funds.

While the app lends you from $1200 to $7000, you can immediately access $300 to a maximum of $4000. The rest will be kept in the app’s savings account. The loan repayment time window is between 8 to 44 months.

Note: Once you have accessed your applied amount of loan, you need to repay it with interest to apply for more funds. Failure in repayment will affect your credit score.

9Capital Good Fun – Non-profit Quick Mobile Loan Solution

App Highlights

  • Borrow up to $1,500
  • Low-interest rates
  • Take two days for application processing
  • Accept thin credit histories

Capital Good Fund is a non-profit organization that lends money starting from $50 or more before your salary day. However, it works in specific states of the US, including Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, Delaware, Colorado, Texas, and Rhode Island. The app does not ask for collateral or a minimum credit score to apply for a loan.

However, they do check other factors like your income, character, and ability to pay to ensure you can repay the loan amount. While Capital Good Fund is a good option to apply for a loan as it charges low-interest rates comparatively, we would recommend you check for cheaper alternatives.

The company is able to provide emergency funds at low rates mainly because it functions on donations.

10Branch – Personal Finance App

App Highlights

  • Lends loans up to $15,000
  • Instant loan approval
  • Accepts bad credit scores
  • Works all across the US
  • No interest
  • No membership fee

Branch is a personal financing app that provides loans to millions of people across the world. Its goal is to focus on “financial wellness for hourly employees” to make them thrive financially. It operates in several countries, including the US and Nigeria.

Its popular Branch Pay feature focuses on facilitating its ultimate goal, i.e., the underserved’s financial well-being. Wage/hourly workers are usually overlooked by well-known loan firms, and thereby, they face financial crunches and other cashflow problems.

Branch loan financing app lends loans up to $500 per wage paycheck. The process for loan applications is quite simple. Just download the app and submit a form, after reviewing, the app will lend you the loan within a short period of time.

11VolaFinance – Get Instant Cash Advances

App Highlights

  • Get a loan up to $200
  • Build credit score
  • Received funds within 24 hours
  • Prevent overdrafts
  • Get saving alerts
  • Smart budgeting tools

VolaFinance is another $50 loan instant app that offers quick cash advances for all its online users. Not just that, the app allows its users to save and build a credit score. As you repay your loan, your credit score improves.

To access the loan, you just need to download the VolaFinance app from the play store or App Store if you are an IOS user. You can borrow up to $200 and the funds will be transferred to your account within 24 hours.

Besides the loan lending feature, the app helps you track your purchases and manage expenses in the most efficient way. Via this app, you can build your credit score and save more.

12PayDaySay – Get a small loan until Payday

App Highlights

  • Gives loans up to $5000
  • Simple application form
  • Gives quick access to funds
  • It helps improve credit score
  • Secure solution

Just like its name says, PayDaySay lets you borrow up to $5000 until your salary day. Unlike other apps that are only fit for small loans, PayDaySay enables you to apply for bigger loans. Moreover, the application process is simpler and gets you a quick loan within just a few hours or days.

With them, you don’t have to worry about your poor credit score because this app lets you access funds even with a thin credit score history.

PayDaySay itself doesn’t lend money. It connects you with their vast list of lending partners who review your application form and then decide to provide cash advances. 

13CashMama – $50 Loan Instant App

App Highlights

  • Get a loan up to $250
  • Simple application process
  • Receive funds before your next paycheck
  • Free of cost basic membership

Now manage your budget with ease because the CashMama instant loan app helps you by offering you funds in advance. Via this app, you can stretch your paycheck good few more days until your next salary.

While the loan amount depends on your income, you can borrow up to $250. The best feature of this app is that it sends an instant small loan right away when it senses the risk of overdrawing.

14Ezloans – Free Funding App

App Highlights

  • Borrow loans up to $100
  • Receive funds within 2 days
  • Free basic membership
  • Free trial for a premium membership
  • Prevent overdrafts

Ezloans is an instant solution to save overdrafts and manage your expense. The purpose of this app is to enable the users to meet their ends by providing funds assistance until their next salaries.

It offers loans up to $100 and transfers funds within 2 days of application. While the app is free of cost to use, you have to pay $4.99 to access advanced features. Luckily, they also offer a 30-day trial to let you decide whether you should go for their services.

15FlexWage – Easy Loan Financing

App Highlights

  • Overview of your personal finances
  • Provides budgeting assistance
  • Access to funds within 2 max
  • Gives daily suggestions to save and manage debt

FlexWage and PayActiv work a bit similarly. You can access your earned wages whenever and wherever you want. This way it reduces the financial burden on wage workers. 

The loan amount depends on your salary as it is an employer-based financing app that lends money on the basis of your basic salary. Other than that, it offers financial wellness services to help you manage your money.

Note: It charges a $5 transaction fee, whereas other $50 loan instant apps charge lesser. Go for this app if you don’t frequently need to borrow cash.

Wrap Up

If we go a few years back, we would realize how fewer we had loan assistance options back then. And today, the internet is loaded with several instant loan apps with budgeting features. However, we chose to mention only those we can vouch for. All of the above-stated apps are good in one way or another, but if you have to choose one, we recommend you pick from Chime, Earnin, Dave, and PayDaySay,