The greatest attraction for any tourist who is interested in shopping is the shopping mall. Have you ever counted the number of floors at a mall while shopping there? If yes, then you must have thought about the size of the mall! Indeed, this thought must have gone through your mind for once. Are you aware that, what is the largest mall in the World? The countries have been competing in making the largest shopping mall to attract tourists. This has led to one of the few very attractive and largest malls in the world.

The Dubai Mall

Dubai is a place where the people who are fond of urban tourism come to visit. Dubai Mall is the center of attraction for these tourists. Not only it offers a spacious interior with an area covering up to 12 million square feet, but it offers a 5-star hotel, gaming center, and cinema. It has a view of the world’s tallest building as well. Dubai is a land of wonders and anything can be expected from this place.

South China Mall, Dongguan, China

It is the second-largest mall in terms of Gross Leasable Area. But the uniqueness of this mall is not associated with its GLA, but the fact that for over 10 years, this mall was 99% empty. This place remained empty for a long period. The tourists, however, are now attracted to it as it is now almost filled with shops and even amusement parks and cinemas. But to date, its unique feature is that it is referred to as ‘the dead mall.’

Central World, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Asia. With its beautiful beaches and tropical islands, it is a tourist attraction for many around the world. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and most of the tourists visit this city first and their center of attraction is the largest mall in Thailand. The central world has a lot to offer with boutiques, traditional shopping experiences, food places, ice-skating rink, and cinema. It has all the perks of any best mall in the world. This is on the bucket list of many tourists so that they can shop under one roof and spend their precious time enjoying tropical islands.

King of Prussia Mall, Pennsylvania, USA

With 3 Million Square Feet, King of Prussia Mall holds the title of the largest mall in the US. It was first opened in 1963 and this makes it a unique experience for the tourists. The concept of malls was new in the 60s. The US is the home to world-renowned brands and all these brands are present under one roof at this mall.

West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada

The shopping experience in this mall is not a significant feature of this mall. But the fact that it houses Galaxy land, waterpark, adventure golf, and ice palace, makes it stand apart from any of the malls in the North American region.