Four NFL teams showed the lowest vaccination rate despite countless attempts to convince them to get the COVID-19 vaccination done.

Indianapolis, Washington, Arizona, and Los Angeles are the four teams that have registered only 50 % vaccination.

A person who requested to remain anonymous stated that these four teams have low rates of vaccination when only 2 weeks remain before the training camps start.

The person spoke in confidentiality as the league has not released the official numbers of vaccination.

On the other hand, Denver, Pittsburgh, Carolina, and Miami sported the highest numbers of vaccination. These four teams achieved almost 85% of the vaccination rate. Overall the league boasts to have 70% of its players vaccinated. The teams which are on the lower side of the vaccination chart will be facing potential disadvantages in the competition.

NFL officials released a statement saying that there is no intention of canceling any of the games this season. It also sent a memo to all the clubs playing the league which had updated protocols.

The updated protocols state that the teams will be allowed to travel for joint practices with a maximum of only Tier 1 and 2 individuals.  The maximum people who can travel together will be 100 to 140 individuals., largely depending upon the vaccination rate of the club.

The NFL upgraded protocols also delegated the clubs to determine a method of identifying the completely vaccinated Tier 1 and Tier 2 players visually. As a suggestion, the NFL told the clubs to utilize color-coded credentials or wristbands in order to identify the individuals but the clubs were free to devise any other method of their choice.

On the contrary, the upgraded protocols stated that the unvaccinated players will continue to get tested on a daily basis, wear masks, and must maintain social and physical distance. They will not be allowed to have joint meals with their respective teammates and they cannot participate in any activities of marketing and media. Furthermore, the unvaccinated team players will not be permitted to use the steam room or sauna or interact with other people while traveling.

The rules and protocols are the same for all the teams whether they are the least vaccinated ones or the highest vaccinated ones. These 4 NFL teams need to buckle up their game of vaccination in order to avoid the competitive disadvantages later in the season.