Four educators lost their lives after contracting Covid-19 within 2 days in Broward County, Florida.

As per the reports, three were teachers at the high school and elementary school while the fourth one was an educational assistant in the elementary school. The deaths come just days before the school year is about to commence raising the alarm among the health practitioners.

The Broward Teachers’ Union President Anna Fusco said that

“out of the four deceased, three were not vaccinated, but one was set to get the vaccine. All four were on a summer break when they caught the virus and died just as the school year was about to begin.”

Another teacher’s assistant is still hospitalized due to the coronavirus.

Fusco further stated that

“it is getting extremely frightening. I hear this every day. Whether in Broward or elsewhere. We’re the 5th largest union in the country.”

According to the federal data, Broward County, Florida is leading the country in new hospitalization cases of Covid-19.

The mayor of Broward, Steve Geller has expressed his concern over the growing numbers of cases stating that “our numbers are horrible” as the county begins to elope under the surging cases of coronavirus.

The Broward County Public School Board had voted to go against the ban on mask mandate in schools by Governor Ron DeSantis. The union had voted to make it mandatory for the staff and the children to wear face coverings as Broward deals with the surge in coronavirus cases.

Governor Desantis has threatened Broward County to withhold the salaries of the school staff and officials if they made masks mandatory.

800 plus physicians from Florida have written an open letter to Governor DeSantis to urge him to revise his policy regarding mask mandate. More than 19,000 cases are being reported on a daily average in Florida, this has been the highest infection rate since the beginning of the pandemic.