The Lost Daughter’ stole the show at the 31st Gotham Awards as it won four awards including the best feature film awards.

The Gotham Awards are known to be independent film celebration awards serving as a “boozy kickoff” to the much-awaited Oscar season.

The Lost Daughter, which is Maggie Gyllenhaal’s adaptation of Elena Ferrante, won the best screenplay for her directorial debut as well as the breakthrough director.

The Lost Daughter which was initially released on the online streaming platform of Netflix is set to be released in cinemas and theaters on 17th December 2021.

The 31st Gotham Awards were the first concrete step towards bringing back glitz and glamor and pomp to the awards shows which had been halted because of the coronavirus pandemic.

 Top-notch stars like Dakota Johnson, Kristen Stewart, and Tessa Thompson walked on the red carpet to bring the glitz back to the stage of awards.

The attendees were mandated to provide their proofs of complete vaccination as well as a negative COVID-19 test.

The Gotham Awards were held virtually last year where Nomadland won the most awards. The winners had accepted their awards over zoom as the guests were made to digitally sit on the tables.

The recent discovery of the omicron variant of coronavirus may dampen the zealous preparation of the awards seasons but nonetheless the industry is all set to make a rebound from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Gotham Awards were conducted normally like the pre-pandemic days.

This was the first time that awards were distributed in different categories without any gender specifications. The other prestigious awards such as Emmys, Oscars, and Tonys still fall behind in embracing this move of non-stigmatizing the categories to specific genders.

The popular Squid Game from the Netflix platform won the pop-culture sensation award as it was watched for approximately 20 billion hours.

The nominees and winners at the Gotham Awards are selected by the juries.  There are a few categories where multiple winners are announced such as in the outstanding lead performance both Faison and Colman were declared winners from a total of 10 nominees.