In Texas, one person was shot to death and twelve others got badly injured in two different nightclub shootings.

Dallas police, around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, received a call that reported a case of shooting inside the Pryme Nightclub. According to a press release by the police, eight people were shot in the incident.

The condition of the victims was serious and they were transferred to the local hospital where one of them, a woman, was declared dead by the doctors. She was identified as 21 years old Daisy Navarrete. The other victims of the attack are reported to be stable with some being in critical condition.

The suspect, as per the statement of the police, fell into an argument with a person at the club and when one of the witnesses aimed to intervene in the argument, he began shooting.

It has been reported that the suspect fled from the scene and went in an unknown direction. A photo of the suspect has also been released by Dallas police and people have been asked to contact the department in case of any information which they might have.

Just after the incident in Dallas, Houston Police reported another shooting at the North Freeway club. According to the police department’s tweet, five people got injured in the incident and were rushed to the hospital.

According to KPRC-TV, an NBC affiliate in Houston, one person had suffered a gunshot on his neck and is said to be in a critical condition. The other victims of the incident including a man with a shot in his leg, are now said to be stable by the doctors.

The Police have not been able to determine the motive of the shooting yet as they say that they are investigating the circumstances.

A council member of Dallas district 6 released a statement saying that his heart and prayers are with families of the victims of this tragedy and he has full faith that Dallas Police will arrest the suspect and he will soon be prosecuted as per the law. He further said that the location has been a cause of issues for numerous months and he supports the police’s decision to ask TABC to cancel the liquor license of the bar.