A South Florida hit-and-run incident has led to the tragic death of 2 children, while 4 are still in critical care after sustaining injuries from the devastating automobile incident. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office reported a car running into multiple children on the street outside an apartment in Wilton Manors and fleeing the scene.

The Wilton Manors Police and Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue are all investigating the matter and trying to find the person of interest in question along with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. No official so far has commented about the age of the children involved in the accident, but those who have sustained injuries are said to be severely injured.

The battalion chief with the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department. Steven Gollan said on Monday: “This event is a horrific event any time of the year, let alone right after the holidays.” Gollan admitted that the timing of the South Florida hit-and-run makes things worse; on top of the severity of it alone.

According to an announcement by Wilton Manor Police Department, at the City Hall Emergency Operation Center they have established a temporary family reunification center to provide assistance.

Shaunta Adams, who was present at the scene of the crime near the apartments in Wilton Manors said, “By the time I looked up, I saw him going around the bus and I see him hit the damn kids. I jumped out of my car, my car was still running, I ran up and saw the first girl on the ground. I knew she was dead. I go to the second kid and I see him dead.” The eyewitness statement tells us the assailant was smart enough to save himself when driving around the bus but chose to hit the children directly before fleeing the scene.

The fact that all the victims involved in the South Florida hit-and-run incident being children has devastated many throughout the city. Another witness from across the street of the apartment claimed she came out when she heard yelling and saw several bodies lying still on the ground of the parking lot and one child lying on the road.

“How can you sleep? And they’re babies. They won’t be going back to school,” said Wallene Johnson. The officials have requested anyone with any information about the driver or the incident to come forward and call: Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS