ANDERSON, California – A Suzuki SUV smashed into a preschool residing in Northern California, causing 19 children and an employee, non-life threatening injuries, police reported.

“19 children hurt as SUV smashes into California preschool Police say a car has smashed into a Northern California preschool, sending 19 children and an employee to the hospital,” Insureteck Tweeted.

After a detailed investigation, it was found out that a Suzuki sport utility vehicle plowed through the Great Adventures Christian Preschool’s sidewall at around 2:30 pm in Anderson, Shasta County.

“The SUV ended up completely inside the main area of the building”, the reports and social media statement of the police department said.

Right after the incident, 14 children were immediately driven to children’s hospital for treatment of varying injuries “with the majority of those transported being for precautionary reasons,” reads the statement. “No fatalities have been reported or are expected.”

One of the children hurt was trapped underneath the vehicle as it smashed through the wall of the daycare in the California preschool. There were two other employees working near the side of the building where the SUV hit the school but luckily did not get harmed.

“Two of the children were taken to a pediatric intensive care unit at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento”, reported the Record Searchlight of Redding. There was no further update on their conditions after reports of no fatal injuries.

The rest of the five children who were injured in the incident were taken to the hospital by their parents, said Police Chief Jon Poletski.

California Police Chief Jon Poletski

The police determined that a woman belonging to the Anderson area was driving the car. However, she did not seem like driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. She also cooperated with the authorities during the investigation, police said adding, “The cause of the crash is under investigation”.

The officials released the woman after recording her statement. The Anderson authorities called the incident a “mass casualty incident” as it injured 19 children at once.

“Nine children were brought to the hospital as trauma patients because of the nature of the incident”, said the security and emergency management director. Anderson is 150 miles north of Sacramento and 10 miles South of Redding in California.