More than 180 million Americans residing in 30 states are under grave threat of tornadoes, ice, snow, and flooding as powerful storms hit the eastern side of the country, early reports updated.

“Americans in at least 30 states are on high alert for snow, ice, flooding and tornadoes as storms sweep across the eastern half of the country”, ABC News Tweeted.

The reports further revealed that the predicted storms could bring ‘damaging winds’ in the Deep South on Thursday and Friday.

Excessive rains in the region could lead to heavy flooding across the interior Northeast and Ohio Valley and cause ice jams in the eastern Great Lakes.

While, winter weather is expected in Detroit and Wichita for late Thursday, with half-foot of snow accumulation.

“A tornado watch is in place for Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi through 6 p.m. Central Time”, reported the weather forecasting officials.

A few tornadoes along with 75 mph of wind gusts are expected in the region.

Meanwhile, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois are exposed to excessive rains and flood threats.

Officials have predicted heavy snow falling from Wichita to Chicago, with 9 inches of snow accumulation already reported in Kansas.

Thursday storms will be extended across Tennessee and Mississippi and will continue to stretch to Nashville, Louisville, and Birmingham.

“Heavy rain and flood threats will move east across the Ohio Valley and into the interior Northeast, from Cincinnati to Buffalo”, weather forecasters updated.

Chicago will likely see about 1 – 4 inches of snow while Detroit, 4 – 8 inches by late Thursday.

“A storm moves into the Northeast late Thursday night through early Friday morning, with rain likely”.

As the storms spread across the interstate-95, the region will possibly see heavy downpours overnight with thunder in the early morning.

Hight winds and heavy storms alerts have been issued across the coast to Cape Cod as the gusts could cross 60 miles/hour. The residents could face power outages by early Friday.

The Denver metro area has been covered with half-foot snow from Wednesday to Thursday, causing slippery roads and I-70 closure.

“Due to the snowy conditions, the City and County of Denver is on Crash Alert reporting status until further notice. Check out this graphic to learn more about crash alert reporting protocols. Please drive and travel safely, everyone!”, Tweeted Denver Police Dept.