While Pfizer is preparing to roll out their first batch of the coronavirus vaccine, people are showing signs of reluctance. One way to make sure that everyone gets vaccinated is to pay the people upfront for getting the vaccine.

Americans are not sure about the effectiveness of the virus vaccine, and that is why they are avoiding it. People do realize the importance of the vaccine, but they have their fears about it.

One of the former presidential candidates proposed that people be paid $1,500 to get vaccinated. He thinks that we have to get rid of the coronavirus to get a normal life.

People are also looking to live normally again, but their thoughts about the vaccine are indicating otherwise. This is an alarming situation for America because the first vaccine is going to roll out on the 15 December.

Pfizer has already applied for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) with the FDA and now awaits its approval. People can only be encouraged through money to get vaccinated.

Normal life came to a complete halt in March of 2020 when the pandemic reached the US. Pfizer and Moderna are the two companies that have come up with a vaccine, while other companies are still in the early stages of the trial.

The fear of the people is justified in this scenario because they are afraid of getting the disease from this vaccine. Reportedly, the vaccine does not contain anti-bodies against the virus, so the chances of getting the coronavirus are limited.

People need an incentive so that they can get vaccinated to justify their fear of getting the virus from this vaccine. The government needs to incentivize people to accelerate the process of people getting vaccinated.

The most feasible method of all is to make sure people are getting enough money as they are vaccinated. The government has already allotted billions of dollars; they can manage to pay people as well.

Many people believe that the government is rushing up the process of vaccination with a nominal number of tests. The skeptical nature of the people is sounding an alarm in their minds and their reservations are justified.

The FDA is going to meet with Pfizer, and then it will decide about EUA. There are chances that the FDA is going to give them a go ahead and that is why many people are worrying.