The new version of Windows gets the operations to be slowed down once the drive starts getting overburdened. This issue causes the system to be very slow, which leaves the computer stuck most of the time.

When the disk gets used up to 100%, the system will purposely slow down and freeze. There are several solutions to fix this issue. The first solution is to change the settings. Users can go to power options, change settings, and not choose power saver or balanced. Users should choose high performance so the device can perform properly.

Users should also make sure that the computer does not have any sort of bug or virus. If there is a virus on the computer, it will automatically make the operations slower. Download an anti-virus and refresh the computer. The operations might start working better.

Disabling the windows search totally when it’s not ready to use can actually help in running better operations of the computer.

Another method to prevent the hanging of the computer is to open the menu and block all the websites from managing flash. After that, start the browser and see if the performance gets better or not.

It is also necessary to check the functions of all those applications which are not being used by the computer but they’re taking up space and usage. Skype is an application that might be forcing to overwork the computer. Disable it until it’s required to be used.

Some users also have many games downloaded on their computer. Some of them can cause bugs and take up more space and resources than normal. Make sure to clear up the cache and check for any bugs.

It is vital to perform disk checks now and then. Another vital function to perform is windows update. Windows update can lead up to a hundred percent use of disk space. Make sure that the windows update takes place without any disruptions and start running it as soon as it’s updated.

Make sure to set the virtual memory, update the drivers of Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, also known as SATA, and keep performance checks on the computer to guarantee proper functioning.