A 1-year-old girl died on Thursday morning by being trapped in a hot car for almost 10 hours as her mom forgot to drop her at the daycare center – reports from Huston, Texas.

1-year-old girl found dead after being left in mother’s hot vehicle for nearly 10 hours, deputie…

The little girl was found dead on the car’s floorboard after her mother went out at 6 pm to pick her three kids from the daycare, one five-year-old, one three-year-old, and a toddler. When she received just two of her kids from the daycare, she realized that she left the third one in the car – said the county Sheriff. 

According to a preliminary examination, the women allegedly drove to the daycare around 8:30 am in the morning and were supposed to drop off all three children. However, the youngest one ended up being left in the car for hours. 

The officials failed to find out how the toddler’s parents forgot her in the back seat of the car, though the police did not charge the mother yet. 

Beall stated that the toddler locked in the car for 10 hours was declared dead then and there.

With the death of another infant, this incident makes the 20th hot car demise of the year 2021 – said the KidsandCars.com. Since 1991, Texas has been reportedly encountered 145 fatalities which makes it the top state of the US for hot car deaths.

The nonprofit organization, KidsandCars also presented some statistics from 2018 that included 54 deaths of children and 53 fatalities overall. 

On Thursday, at 1 pm the temperature in Texas was recorded to be 94 degrees F – reports from the National weather service of the country. The whole time after the mom dropped off the two of her kids, her car was parked outside, exposed to the sun. 

Sgt. Ben Beall says, “So that would probably put you in the 120-degree-plus temperature inside the car,”

The autopsy of the child will be conducted soon. After that, the official will reveal the real cause of the death. 

Ed Gonzalez, the Country Sheriff, said on Twitter, “First responders routinely see horrific things. Incidents involving kids are the most difficult.

Mental Health is important. For this scene, as an example, we send a member of our Behavior Health Division to simply check in with our team members and be available to chat about things. Silence in the face of trauma is not the best way to cope.”