Regardless of the fatal coronavirus delta variant which turned the whole world upside down, flooded hospitals with patients, and initiated never-ending death tolls, high numbers of individuals in America are still not convinced to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the Kaiser’s Family Foundation poll, there are eye-opening statistics that show how officials face challenges when they only want to move ahead from the pandemic.

As stated in the poll, 16% of Americans (1 in 5) said they won’t be getting any COVID-19 vaccine in any phase of their lives. 4% are agreed on having it only if they need to travel or other requirements may come across. The poll was executed between 14-24 October 2021 where 1,519 American Adults participated.

Moving forward with the employed community, a second poll which shows a quarter nearly 25% of the employed workers said that their organization heads compelled them to get vaccinated. 50% say they do not want their employer to force them to get vaccinated while 21% of them said they should.

More than one-third of the employment workers, around 37% of workers say they would not continue their jobs if their employers restrict them to get vaccinated. Kaiser found that employers don’t even wish to have even an alternative offered to them.

32% of the Republicans said they have news of some people who had left their jobs due to the vaccine mandate.

The reason why people are not getting vaccinated may be backed by several reasons. Some of the commonalities among them as the Kaiser’s Poll found out include:

  • They don’t care if they get sick from the COVID-19 virus
  • They are concerned about the possible side effects that vaccines could bring to their body.
  • They think that vaccines will only minimize the death risk, they still get affected by the coronavirus in any case.

However, fully vaccinated people affirm that the COVID-19 vaccine reduces the odds of illness and can reduce the death toll as well.

More than 37% of the total population of unvaccinated employees stated that they would prefer to leave their jobs if their employer mandated vaccination, Kaiser found. In addition, 32% of the Republicans polled highlighted that they are aware of the people who have literally left their jobs because of the vaccine mandate. Recently, in a sting operation, it was reported that Gov. Phil Murphy will be imposing a broader vaccine mandate in the country after the election campaign.